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Doctor Kiltz's Nose to Tail Organ Meat Supplements provides the nutritional equivalent to a 1 oz. organ meat platter consisting of Liver, Kidney, Brain, Heart, Spleen, and Pancrease.* That means these pups are loaded with vitamins, minerals, peptides, growth factors, and more and provide you with a host of energy and health benefits.*

This is the world's first and organ meat supplement that combines these six incredible organs together.

Product Specs:

  • 180 bovine gelatin capsules (6 capsules per serving)
  • 30 day supply
  • 3000 mg of Freeze Dried Grass Fed Pasture Raised Organ Meat Blend,  (equivalent to 1 oz or 28g of fresh organ meats) per serving


  • 500 mg of Freeze-Dried Grass-Fed Liver
  • 500 mg of Freeze-Dried Grass-Fed Kidney
  • 500 mg of Freeze-Dried Grass-Fed Brain
  • 500 mg of Freeze-Dried Grass-Fed Heart
  • 500 mg of Freeze-Dried Grass-Fed Spleen
  • 500 mg of Freeze-Dried Grass-Fed Pancrease

Other Ingredients: Bovine Gelatin

Designed to Support:

  • Liver, Kidney, Brain, Heart, Spleen, and Pancrease Health.*
  • Cardiovascular Health*
  • Detoxification Pathways*
  • Energy and Mitochondrial Health*
  • Immune Health*
  • Methylation*
  • Skin, Collagen, and Connective Tisue Health*
  • Digestive Health*
  • Cognitive health*
  • Overall Health & Wellbeing*

Other Product Highlights:

  • Freeze Dried
  • From Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised New Zealand Cattle
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Hormone, Pesticide, and GMO-Free
  • No Additives, Fillers, or Flow Agents
  • Whole Food Nutrition
  • Keto, Carnivore, Paleo Friendly

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